Thursday, March 19, 2009

Social Workout “Body of Work Challenge”

This girl loves a challenge.

Staring April 1 I will be working out every single day and blogging about it here and on Social Workout’s new site (which is a genius site BTW) as a participant in their Body of Work Challenge.

Why am I doing this? I wouldn't say that it is in an effort to win the yearlong membership to Crunch gym or any of the other fab prizes, even though I'd gladly accept them. I am mostly excited about the excuse to do something that I have never done before--30 days is alotta days in a row. I currently get some workout time in 3-4x a week and I eat a diet of about 80% raw foods. I wonder what patterns I will find between food and certain exercises like high intensity Bikram Yoga or a meditative hooping session. What new workouts will I discover to keep it interesting? How strong can I become? How focused? How flexible? How tired? Will I sleep better? Will I be superultra obnoxiously happy? All I know for sure is that “Fun Fitness” isn't an oxymoron so I'm pretty jazzed to see where this goes...

Join me! I would love the support whether you participate in the Challenge as well or if you just want to comment on my progress, offer suggestions or try out the workouts I'm incorporating into my plan. Support feels all warm and fuzzy, and I encourage it.

So. Read all about the Social Workout Body of Work Challenge and look for my daily BOWC posts here (with video and pics) and on the Social Workout site starting April 1.

High five!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing Heather. Good luck. I find it hard to do even 4 times a week. Every day is a true feat. I will be following your progress and am interested to hear about your experience.

inspiredbyeverything said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lena. I get bored easily, so I will be mixing it up bigtime and reporting on all successes and failures. Of course, I'm rooting for less of the latter and more of the former!