Thursday, October 30, 2008

Round The Bend Farm

[CLICK ON IMAGE to see it a bit bigger]

I spent alot of time growing up on Round the Bend Farm. This is a mixed media piece I created about one of those memories. The hottie in the Rugby is my incredible aunt Betsy. She inspires me. The shrimp on the teeny pony (that Betsy saved from the glue factory), is moi. 

The Polaroid Project: A Sea of Pumpkins

Fall is my absolute favorite season.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Polaroid Project: My Trusty Boots

Since I learned that Polaroid won’t be making any more polaroid film (the horror!), I have been digging up the old polaroids that I've taken the past 10 years with my Walgreens-purchased camera. The old gal was picked up so my brother and I could instantly document our world-famous roadtrips through the Wild West, Norway and the like. 

I have been carrying my polaroid around again to document the regular moments of my life. Polaroids make normal things seem so emotional, moody and dreamy. Even taking off my boots for the day looks like a story. I think I'll continue to post my favorite captures on this blog under the title “The Polaroid Project”.

Owls are the coolest

[CLICK ON IMAGE to see it a bit bigger]

I have always loved owls since I was a teeny girl. I sketch them when I am in meetings at work, I've collected many a necklace with an owl pendant through the years, I have a few figurines I've picked up at flea markets scattered around the house, I even have a hoodie with owls all over it (thanks Mom). I secretly dream of being invited to a “dress as your favorite animal” party so I can make an owl costume. So I thought it fitting that my first post should be with an oil painting from a series that I'm currently working on. I think he's good luck.