Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raw Style: Blueberry Hemp Milk

The other day I came home to a package with 4 beautiful milk bottles in it and a lovely note from the kind person who sent them to me (because they appreciated my Raw Almond Milk post). Sadly, I couldn't read the signature and the label I had set on the counter to send a thankyouthankyouthankyou note to was thrown out by accident by my boyfriend. Silly boyfriend. I am touched and grateful for the generosity of this kind person and since I have no way to reach them, I must post my new favorite beverage using one of these lovely bottles. Please contact me if you see this post!

I had been feeling sluggish and “brittle” sometimes during my workouts this spring, so in June I ordered Brendan Brazier’s Vegan Nutrition Guide. I have to say that for me, this book has made an incredible difference. I have been boxing training all summer and the strength and stamina I have has greatly improved. I am now a Hemp fanatic. I have been using plain hemp milk all summer on my homemade cereals and yesterday I had a lovely box of blueberries in the fridge from the Pilsen Community Market so I thought, “Hey, I bet this is yummy with hemp milk.” I had the berries, the seeds and the beautiful bottle to store it in. VoilĂ ! A new post for you and a proper thank you to my new friend who helped me showcase my new creation.

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serving size: about 4 cups
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Tools needed:

What you need:
2/3 cup of Hemp seeds
3 cups coconut water (can use plain water too, but coco water is the yummiest and super hydrating)
1 cup organic blueberries
2 tbsp raw agave nectar
dash pink Himalayan sea salt (can use regular Sea Salt instead)

Let’s get started:
Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Pour in an adorable glass and store the rest in a beautiful bottle in your fridge. Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It is Beautiful Here: Video II

My love has been writing so many incredible songs lately. Powerful, lovely music is swirling around constantly. I just had to make him a treat today. So now I officially have a second video to add to my “it is beautiful here™” series.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home: Summer

I redesigned my office in July. Of course, I had to color coordinate my books on my new fancy bookshelf.

Creating a comfy space to live is important to me.

I love my home.

More pics here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Polaroid Project: Old Skool

It’s fun what you find when you purge your closets.

Pieces of a Senior project that helped me get a great job in Chicago.

Thank you Polaroid.