Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Purge Day at Renee's

My pal Renee needed to purge her clothes and organize her closet last Friday and requested my help. We started the day off with a proper Tea lunch at Julius Meinl and then went to work. Renee has an incredible apartment with gadgets and goodies everywhere. I just got my Yashica so I turned the whole thing into a photoshoot. Fun times.

View the entire Flickr set for more pics from our day. Renee has the junior-high-school-boy-sprinkled-with-girl-mad-scientist-apartment-thing on lockdown. Nobody does it better.


angrycaps said...

my obscene piles of clothes never looked so good. hearts.

Anonymous said...

I like the diptych effect of the first two photos, the head & shoulders against the ankles & feet.


inspiredbyeverything said...

Me too bcj. It makes it look like I could put a tiny Renee in my pocket and carry her around all day.