Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BOW Challenge: The day before

Cue the Rocky theme song because this girl loves a challenge.

13 days ago I was indulging in one of my daily must-reads, Apartment Therapy and saw the announcement for the launch of SocialWorkout.com. Oh, that looks real good I thought—click. 5 minutes in and I was all hearts and rainbows, so I set up my profile and committed myself to the April Body of Work Challenge. This is a community I'd like to be a part of. Badasses galore.

I wouldn't say that I signed up in an effort to win any of the fab prizes, but I'm no fool, I'd gladly accept them and their fabulousness if I somehow make it to the top. I am mostly pumped up (pun shamelessly intended) about the excuse to do something that I have never done before—30 days is alotta days in a row.

I currently work out 3-4 days a week with one of workouts being a weekly hoopdance class that I teach on Sundays. I'm not a treadmill gal. I like variety. I kickbox, work with my trainer Sari Weis, take trapeze here and there, have a love/hate relationship with Bikram yoga and have been having a 5yr romance with hoopdance.

Over 2yrs ago I made some dramatic changes in my diet (went raw) and while it's been a transition, definitely for the past year I have been eating a primarily raw diet. 85% raw is a pretty good estimate. I am still learning what foods jive best with me pre-workout and I am going to use this opportunity to actually document what I eat and what my energy level is that day. I will also be sharing some of my favorite raw recipes here throughout the month.

I have decided, like most of my BOW peers, to establish some goals, all "setting-an-intention" style:
~ I WILL use this month as an opportunity to spend more time with friends and family by partnering with them for workouts.
~ I WILL gain more muscle tone, flexibility, creativity in movement and strength.
~ I WILL figure out what raw foods and what combination of those foods will support me for the optimum workout.
~ I WILL make the time to blog to the best of my ability every day so that others may benefit from my experiences.
~I WILL make working out a top priority.

and last but definitely not least,

~I WILL make myself and SocialWorkout.com proud.

See ya'll tomorrow. Best of luck to everyone with their Challenge!

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p i z z a . p a r a d i s e ! said...

Oh Heather! How I admire you. You see the beauty in every moment, I love it. I love your attitude, your strength, determination, positive presence. You give me so much wonderful energy with your Being. :-))